Winter Solstice at Tremblant Ski Resort – Quebec

Winter Solstice at Tremblant Ski Resort – Quebec

This trip was sponsored by Tremblant Ski Resort

Last December 21st – first Day of Winter, we flew to Mont Tremblant from Toronto via Porter Airlines. This was such an easy flight instead of Driving from Toronto. The view from above was also breathtaking. The Airport in Mont Tremblant is like a huge chalet covered in snow will make you feel so excited about winter. From there, we took the bus service to bring us to the resort. It was such a beautiful drive. When I moved to Canada I was never a fan of the cold only because we were living in the city, as years go by I started appreciating this beautiful season. So one of my mission this year is to learn how to Ski and how to enjoy winter even tho it goes up to -30 sometimes. I am including on this post all the things we did while in Mont Tremblant and other must have in your luggage when going to a Ski Resort.

On our first day, we were supposed to do dog sledding but due to the rainy weather, this was cancelled. Instead, we checked out the new Virtual Reality Arcade which turned out to be super fun! I have never tried VR and I was so surprised at how amazing it is. I definitely enjoyed the Rollercoaster ride at their Multi-Dimensional VR Pod Rides and their Group VR sessions. It’s a perfect place for family, a group of friends or if you’re looking for a place to bond. I had the best time here making the rainy day fun. We also had lunch at Ô Wok Restaurant to meet with the Tremblant’s PR point of contact. We then checked in to our Hotel Lodge de la Montagne which makes it the perfect spot if you’re a beginner like me in Skiing because it’s right beside the rental place and the lessons area to meet with your instructor. After checking in we headed to grab our ski rentals. They have everything you need there. If you’re starting out on skiing you can rent everything in Tremblant without the hassle of dragging everything with you and to also have a feeling if Skiing is really for you. ( so you’re not stuck buying everything on your own and you end up not liking it. but I doubt it! Skiing is so fun). After that, we checked out Coco Pazzo for some Italian Dinner. After Dinner, we decided to get some rest early so we’re all prepared for our Ski lessons the next day.

Our 2nd day started at 7 am getting all suit up for our Skiing. I’m not gonna lie I was so scared to start skiing in my late 20’s lol I was so scared I’ll fall or all this horror story I have heard from others who tried. One thing they didn’t have was an amazing Instructor. After breakfast, we met up with our Ski Instructor Pierre who was such an angel. He made our skiing lesson so much fun and actually easy. In just over an hour he got me and Therese skiing in no time. I really suggest getting an instructor if you want to learn, it makes everything easy and will have you skiing in no time. After our lessons, we had lunch at La Diable Microbrewery. This place is perfect to grab some comfort food and beer on tap. From here we headed to Boutique La Raffinerie where they have beautiful designer pieces and takes VIP private shopping with some girlfriends with some champagne which is perfect for bridal shower or birthdays. I bought myself a really cute local Quebec designer knitted hat and got me and Therese a matching necklace. After here we headed back to our Hotel to change for the Casino Mont Tremblant for Dinner and Live shows. During the day they actually have a lift for the Casino but at night time they have a shuttle that goes around the village for pick up. After Dinner, we headed back at the Hotel and wanted to check out one of the famous Après Ski bar Le P’tit Caribou. However, the moment we got home we end up falling asleep ( I know Grandmas! lol)

On our 3rd day, we woke up again really early so we could check out the slopes at the summit before everyone gets there. The summit is definitely beautiful and quickly transported to the gorgeous views of the mountain. one of the After checking out the slopes, we headed that morning to Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant for some Après Ski and enjoyed 3 hours of hydrotherapy and enjoyed watching the beautiful snowfall and the calmness of nature and lake that surround the Spa. I even took a nap at one of their quiet rooms where you can enjoy reading a book or just be with your own thoughts. I wish we stayed here longer but we were scheduled to do more amazing adventures that day. We had lunch at La Pizzateria. This place gets packed during lunch time. My favourite order here is the warm goat cheese toast! It was such a treat for this winter weather and after skiing. We quickly rushed to our Hotel to check out and get ready for our next adventure which is Helicopter Ride with Heli Tremblant. Below Photos are some of the footage I was able to capture while flying. This was one of the surreal moment. I have always been scared of heights but there’s something about flying that just keeps me excited. The amazing views above is so stunning that I was left speechless during our flight. After our flight, we headed back to the summit to watch the sunset. It was probably one of the magical moment on this trip. I’m so happy that this happened on the last day of our trip as we haven’t seen sunset since we arrived. OUr flight back to Toronto was scheduled at 9pm so it was such a great full day of adventure before heading home.

Here are some of the Most Important things you need to pack when heading to a Ski Resort :

  • Thermal Wear/Heat Tech underclothes – It so important to make sure you have warm underpants and long sleeve. the weather in the mountains could go up to -20 degree. You’ll also need this when skiing under your snow pants and windproof ski jacket.
  • Snow pants – You could either bring your own or rent one when in the resort. They have all the equipment you need. I highly suggest just renting if you’re just starting out and then eventually invest in proper shoes, headgear, skiis, ski shoes.
  • Parka – You’ll need at least one parka to keep you warm when exploring the village.
  • Warm sweaters – Knitted or anything wool is super warm.
  • Hats, Scarves and Touch Screen Mittens – You definitely need a hat to keep you warm and I love touch screen mittens as they protect your hands from getting cold when using your mobile device for any social media moment.
  • Slippers for the Spa – Scandinave do not provide slippers, however, the floors are heated but I would still highly recommend bringing one.
  • Swimsuit – You’ll need it for the spa and Après Ski.
  • Ski goggles – You’ll need this as sometimes snow could hurt your eye when moving.
  • Warm Snow Boots – You’ll need a highly reliable snow boot that won’t make you slip and slide while walking on the snow.
  • Light long Socks – You’ll need this for your ski shoes. You can’t use any wool/thick socks.
  • Lip Balm and lotion – You’ll need to hydrate your skin and lips from time to time as its get dry from the cold. I always had my lip balm with me while doing my skiing lessons to prevent my lips from drying.
  • Wool Socks – They are my absolute favourite when partnered up with my snow boots. They keep my feet so warm.
  • Hand Warmers – I swear this is by far one of the best investment I do everytime I travel somewhere cold. They ‘re so good on the go.

The View from the Helicopter Ride
Getting Ready for our Flight
One of my favourite Shot while on the Helicopter seeing Skiers and Snowboarders from above against the sunset.

Checking out the Creperie and enjoying some free Hot Chocolates from the Village.

Taking some time out in Our Hotel’s heated pool area
Stunning Capture while we were on the lift.
Morning view at the Summit
Feeling accomplished with my first day Skiing
Thats me in the Blue jacket Skiing.
Sunset at the Summit
Me and Therese enjoying our time walking around the Village
At the Scandinave Mont Tremblant Spa
The Quiet Room

Lunch at La Pizzeria

Our Shuttle ride from Casino Mont-tremblant


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