When in Varadero, Cuba

When in Varadero, Cuba

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of update but it’s been insanely busy travelling. I’m currently in Europe for a month reconnecting with friends and family whom I haven’t seen since moving to Canada. Now that I got my permanent residency it’s been amazing how much things I was able to do. I had to cancel so many trips this year and some amazing opportunity simply because I wasn’t able to leave Canada for quite a period of time. I’m just so happy now that’s in the past. Are you guys interested in hearing my journey about processing my move to Canada?

Anyway, The first place I visited after getting my residency was Cuba. I was also been dying to see Havana again as I fell in love with it when I visited it a few years back. It was also the perfect opportunity to shoot a campaign I was working on which you’ve seen in the last post.

I was trying to find a smart way to Travel to Cuba, to see Havana and spend most days lying on the beach and working on my tan. Varadero was the closest place to travel to Havana. Probably 2 hours car ride only. I was looking for a package deal which includes two trips. Everything was overpriced and the hotel’s arent really nice. I ended up booking an all-inclusive flight to Varadero for a week and 3 nights of that spent in Havana. I booked on the resort called Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa thru Air Canada Vacations. Upon arrival here I upgraded our stay to the Royal Service where you get your own butler plus the food choices, rooms are so much better than the regular package they offer. I think it was a better deal to book an all week and just book ala carte when going to Havana so you get to explore it.  I did the Math and this is much cheaper and I get to enjoy a nice luxury stay. I had the best time taking some time away from the Internet and just purely did a social media detox. I think once in a while we need to do this. I feel like we always live for the next adventure and not really appreciating what we have now. It’s a struggle but we have to do this once in a while and what a perfect place to do it is the beach and not having to worry about your expense since everything is already included.

Varadero beach is so stunning and pure. I guess it’s still a destination that most people couldn’t reach to. You just need to watch out for the notorious mosquitos. I was so spoiled with the gorgeous beach, sunshine and so many activities to do. and did I say how many gorgeous sunset and sunrise I’ve seen?

When in Cuba – always order seafood! it’s sooo good.

ALSO, Sharing some TIPS on how to do Social Detox without getting tempted to log back in: 

I really love that Cuba’s Internet was not the greatest. If you’re staying in an all-inclusive place they usually sell internet cards for USD 1 each and can only use this around the lobby area of the Hotel. SO that already helps for you not to be tempted to go online as the trek alone would take so much time to go to the lobby.

  1. Bring a good book/kindle with you: I mostly travel with my Kindle because it’s lightweight and not bulky at all and save me space and weight when flying, But I still do love a classic book to read when by the beach. I usually bring about 2 books for a week worth of vacation and 3 days social media detox. I start my day by going for a quick work out or just straight to the beach for a morning swim and then read my book for about 30 minutes before heading for breakfast
  2. Plan your day ahead: Having a time planned always helps as we tend to lean on our phone entertaining us when we’re bored. Make sure you have your schedule for activities or just simply staring out on the beach while working on your tan. Being alone in our heads is good for us to check in how we doing from time to time.
  3. Enjoy the peace and quite: Learn to absorb the nature/environment around you. Take a few deep breathes and look around your surroundings. We tend to be always on our phone and forget to enjoy simple things in life like the ocean wave, the sun and fresh seafood in front of you.
  4. Let go of those negative feelings: Social media sometimes make us feel inspired but most days we get so consumed about it and feel negative towards pretty much everything around us. Beach is the perfect place to just let go and sometimes even sometimes scream your feelings out. Varadero beach is mostly empty during sunset and sunrise so check it out (I don’t know why people don’t want to watch this but this is the magical times of the day ). Remember that everything you see online is purely highly curated and only highlighting the best parts of these people’s lives.
  5. Try New Things: Trying new things always gets you distracted from going on your phone. Try new beach activities or go on an adventure with only your camera and the people you love with you. It’s so liberating to accomplish something so little to feel good about yourself.
  6. Workout: A good workout always makes you feel good afterwards as it releases endorphins or you could also eat something spicy to get those endorphins (haha)
  7. Be Mindful: With the society connected to our phones we’ve been on the go-go system where we don’t even try to be mindful of things we say and do. phase yourself when speaking and thinking towards someone.
  8. Nourish your body: Avoid junk and shitty food during these times as it will not make you feel good about yourself. A wine or two is not a problem at all :p
  9. Enjoy yourself and time: Always make sure you’re enjoying your own company. You’ll be surprised at things you’ll find entertaining outside the internet.
  10. Re-learn to love yourself: Being on social media all the time deteriorates your self-love and self-esteem as you can’t help but compare your life to someone else. Spend a few minutes in front of a mirror and tell how smart, beautiful and amazing human being you are. or you could also write down your best traits and repeat this over and over and own it! Loving yourself is the most amazing thing you could do for yourself.
  11. Write down your goals and expectation: Now that your mind is clear and worry-free from social media, this is the perfect time to write down your goals and any ideas you have to improve yourself. It could be a 5-year goal, or even as short as your daily goals. I usually go for yearly with my goals and as for 5 years I just write a down a few that I really wanted to come thru for that period of time. I still believe having your own journal to actually write down your ambitions make most of it come true. It’s not gonna happen right away but believe in the Universe that it will happen! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF



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