Weekly Life Update #6

Weekly Life Update #6

The Last 3 weeks has been pretty busy. I was in The Islands of Tahiti for 12 days for work then spent half a day in L.A then went Home to Toronto, Picked up Choco and headed for Girl’s Ski Trip to Blue mountain with the doggos. We spent about 4 days in the Blue. It was so much fun! As I’ve mentioned before one of my goals this year is to learn how to ski and after my trip to Mont Tremblant last year I just had to go back and learn more! I had the most amazing trip and I got to bring Choco with me.

However, I think I might have gotten a bug or something coming home from all the traveling we did in Tahiti. I was sick with fever, sore throat and a really bad cold. I didn’t have a rest till last week (we’ll get into it later)

Blue mountain was so much fun with the girls, we got to try different restaurants that I never even knew before. I’ve only been here a few times but now I plan on going back more often. They also have roller coaster rides where you can control break then you also have the gorgeous Ice Skating rink in the forest. We didn’t get to try both when we were there as it was closed because of the weather.

After my trip to Blue Mountain, Tania and I headed to Four Seasons Toronto for a Galentines sleep over with Victoria Secret. Choco didn’t come this time as we had Staycation with St Regis the next day with the family. I loved our time in Four Seasons with Victoria Secret. I’m so happy to finally just relax and order room service both for Dinner and Breakfast then I also had the best time at their Spa.

After our time in Four Seasons, we headed to the newly launched The St. Regis Toronto where we got to enjoy their John Jacob Astor Suite. I think this is their biggest suite in the hotel. We were also treated to a romantic bath filled with roses and candles! It was truly romantic and a must remember night. I was so happy I was able to bring my family with me. We also got to witness the 5pm St Regis Ritual which is the Champagne Sabering. We also got to try the new Louix Louis Restaurant in St. Regis. I felt like I was in Truffle Heaven. You need to try out the Roast Truffled Chicken prepared two ways, The Octopus for appetizers, their side dishes do not disappoint as well! I love the potato truffled mashed and broccolini. You must order the 13 layers of chocolate cake! It’s absolutely stunning and yummy! We also enjoyed our private in-room breakfast dining prepared by our butler.

Last week upon all the crazy 3 weeks, I was happy to be home and I got to organize the house, do laundry, do my juice cleanse, got well and got over my cold. I also got to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro! Finally. So last week was just a good time to chill and get organize as in two days I’m off to Tulum to Shoot a campaign for Bikini Village. I can’t wait to show you guys the photos! I’m trying to be more up to date when posting.

I’m currently finishing my Iceland posts then Tahiti would be next. There’s also a couple of Blog post I’m publishing this week!

Hope everyones keeping warm from this weather!

Blue Mountain Ski Trip

Victoria Secret Sleep Over

The St. Regis Toronto

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