Tulum, Mexico Guide

Tulum, Mexico Guide

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the last time I did a blog round up about Tulum (HERE). Ever since being in Quarantine and in Film School, I have been dreaming about going back, to be exact we’re supposed to go tomorrow for a week in Tulum so instead, I thought why not round up my favourite Day Beach club in Tulum.

Tulum is is beautiful, relaxing and unique place to visit. 4 years ago when I first visited Tulum the beach was perfect ( still is ) but on my last visit last year the seaweed problem has been huge. I don’t remember it being this bad or any. The more you go further down left the seaweed problem is there. but there are still nice places to go if you don’t want to worry about the seaweed.

Our Stay:

I went with Tania and Therese last year to shoot a campaign for Bikini Village and we thought it would be fun to rent a car and Airbnb since were going to be there for a week and we can drive to cenotes and other places we wanna go. Here is the listing of the place we stayed ( LINK HERE ) it’s about 10-15 minutes drive to go to the main beach where the main Tulum beach area is. I actually really liked this experience than when I stayed in Hotels last year. I felt more at home and free to do anything. We also got to experience all the Day Beach Club that we got to check out and hang out every day. As for food and things we did, I am doing 6 part mini-series ( 1 each day ) on Youtube so you can check it out there. This blog serves as a Photo library and you know I love photos so much as photography will always be my first love.

Top Day Beach to Check out:

  1. Nômade Tulum: $50 USD Cover Charge and redeemable thru food and alcohol. I really love this place and this is my number 1 fav place in Tulum, We went here twice. They also provide a towel and sunbed and the food is so good. The ambience is out of this world. I finished the whole book here.
  2. Habitas Tulum: $75 USD Cover Charge and also can go towards food and alcohol. All the food menu and drinks here are so good! I love this day beach as it has a really nice pool to lounge while overlooking the ocean. I find this place a bit more peaceful than Nomade since its a smaller venue. The Aesthetic here is so on point and beautiful.
  3. Coco Tulum: This place used to be my number 1 favourite on my last 2 visits, ( you’ll find the photos from this place on last blog post I linked above) however last year the seaweed problem here was so big. I couldn’t tolerate the smell and it was busy since it has gotten really popular but if you go earlier in the day you’ll get to enjoy what Coco Tulum is all about. It’s so dreamy and one of the reasons why I wanted to check out Tulum from my first visit 4 years ago. You have to order the Passion Fruit Margarita! Its the best here. Make sure to take so many photos as well. I also highly recommend staying here because the price is very reasonable too and a great deal. I don’t think there’s a cover charge here cos on the last 3 times I have been here I just ordered food and drinks and got myself a sunbed.
  4. Papaya Playa Project: I love this place. It has a $100 day pass rate. It’s probably the best place to party on the island. We went here for a full moon party and a cabaret show for dinner. We had the best time. The day beach and stays here are unreal.
  5. Nest Tulum : This place is new and stunning! The Day Beach access is 700 Pesos with this you get a sunbed and lounge area access + Drinks. It’s also a first come first serve also I recommend coming in early.

There’s a few more places to actually go, but these are my top 5 places to go. I really want to add Azulik ( IMIK ) but last time I went there it was so stinky and they’re really strict as you have to go really early and really expensive and you’re not allowed to take photos unless you’re a guest. Anyway for most part you need to go really early so you can pick your spot and also you can maximize your time here so it will all be worth it.

Habitas Tulum
Habitas Tulum
hartwood Restaurant! The best one
Nomade Tulum
Gran Cenote
Nômade Tulum
Raw Love Tulum
Azulik Tulum
The Airbnb we stayed in
Coco Tulum

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  1. May 30, 2020 / 3:36 am

    Now I want to visit Mexico even more! Amazing post and photography once again hon! Nomade is also my number 1 place to visit when I finally get there. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend 🙂

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