The Power of Saying “OUI” – Havana, Cuba

The Power of Saying “OUI” – Havana, Cuba

When Juicy Couture asked me to partner with them on their #PowerOfOui campaign for their new fragrance OUI Juicy Couture, which is about saying yes to being bold and fearless, I said yes to adventure and decided to travel to Havana. I think it suits this campaign perfectly. Cuba is experiencing big, new changes for the country, and I myself after being in a car accident a month ago, realized so many things that I needed to do now instead of waiting forever. Travel and fashion are my two main passion points, and what my blog is all about. Travelling keeps me inspired and happy. I can’t think of anything else that will keep me content and always on an adventure. So, last week I booked all of my travel plans and decided to go on an adventure of a lifetime that OUI Juicy Couture inspired me to take!

I’ve always been wary of exploring Havana because of things I’ve heard in the past. But guess what? I was right to follow my heart and go for it, just like the #PowerOfOui campaign is all about. I had the best time of my life. People told me there’s no luxury or the food is awful, but I was able to find both things and more. I’ve also learned about the country’s rich history and felt like I travelled back in time. Havana is a very colourful city with so many vintage cars around and buildings that speak to your soul. I also got to interview a few local Cubans and learned so much more about their beautiful country. The entire experience was so unique and inspiring, just like OUI Juicy Couture.

OUI Juicy Couture is about fearlessly saying “oui” to the things I believe in: adventure, love, and happiness. A Floral fruity scent with tart freshness from a fusion of watermelon and lemon in a special water lemon note. The chic sophistication of jasmine absolute paired with provocative wild tuberose creates an iconic duo, while a modern sense of addiction is born through sleek techno woods. A true Juicy girl lives every day authentically with confidence, purpose and flair, actively pursuing her ambitions and leaving her mark, all while having the time of her life. I will never ever let the status quo dictate how I live my life

How about you? Are you a Juicy girl? What do you say OUI to?

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