Ste Anne’s Spa with Ford Canada

Ste Anne’s Spa with Ford Canada

I can’t believe Fall is almost over and the holidays are already in place. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to explore Ontario for some of the last fall foliage sightseeing on my way to Ste. Anne’s Spa in partnership with Ford Canada. It has been a Spa Season in Canada and everyone seems to be enjoying this weather transitions before the busy holidays and cold winter months ahead of us. I also had the chance to drive the Ford Explorer 2017 which was one of the most relaxing vehicles I’ve ever driven.  I quite enjoy the seat massage from this vehicle en route to my Spa holiday.

We arrived in Ste Anne Spa around 7 pm on a rainy Friday night. I was supposed to be here at 4 pm but I had to leave my new puppy at my Filipa’s place in Barrie, I’m still adjusting to having a little puppy to take care of.  The Friday traffic got the best of me, but thankfully the Ford Explorer made my ride so comfortable and was able to entertain myself with some music from my carplay. I also didn’t want to miss this appointment as it takes months before you get a spot in Ste Annes. I was booked to stay for the whole weekend. I am very much looking forward to just unwinding and enjoying the relaxing weekend. I was booked for two appointments. One for a whole body massage which sent me sleeping right away and the other one is a foot massage.

Upon arrival, We were brought to our Cottage named Birdsong, I love the ambience of the cottage, we have a private kitchen and a hot tub outside facing the moon and the stars above the sky. Since it was raining we didn’t get to do this right away. Instead, we went to our scheduled dinner for that night. The spa has an all-inclusive gourmet food (4-Course Dinner, Breakfast, 3-Course Lunch and Afternoon tea) all throughout your stay. The food is nothing but wholesome, organic and freshly picked from their own backyard. I also wasn’t aware that you can bring your own alcohol wherever in the hotel. Luckily, we bought a few bottles of wine and an LCBO store is just 15 minutes away. For dinner, I had a few vegetarian options they have available. My favourite is the Mushroom Risotto. If you’re a vegetarian like me you’ll love their food menu or if you want, you can also hire a private chef making your 4-course dinner meal in your own cottage. I plan on doing this on my next visit.

The next day, we woke up very early, the rain has finally stopped but the sky is still gloomy. We started our day with breakfast then the staff gave us a tour of the facility, from here we went ahead and enjoyed the spa facility, my first stop was the outdoor hot tub & then the Eucalyptus steam room.  Then, I went in for my first spa appointment. right after the massage, I was escorted to the dining hall for my afternoon tea. My favourite tea is the chocolate spice if you’re curious! I don’t know anyone else more addicted to chocolate than I am. From here I took a nap and had a chance to catch up with you guys on Instagram. The Internet was really slow but it works. Before dinner, We had some Masi Red wine overlooking our fireplace in my our cottage. We then called the pickup service the Spa offers. Once again the Dinner was an absolute treat, I ordered pretty much the same meals from last night, but this time with some beetroot salad with goat cheese and lots of coconut ice cream (you have to have this when you are here!). We ended the night in our hot tub outside our cottage.

The next morning, I woke up pretty early to attend one of their yoga class (The sun has finally showed-up). The class was held in a private yoga room overlooking the view of the property and some fall orange, red and yellow leaves falling from the tree. This probably has been one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever been in. I have never felt so relaxed and did not have to worry about my flexibility. The room is heated and the teacher played some beautiful spa music while she spoke slowly guiding you thru your yoga poses. Following the yoga activity, we checked out the farm of the property to meet some of their beautiful horses. I still have yet to recover from my trauma from riding horses accident when I was 18. While riding my horse was spooked by a snake and threw me out of her back and almost kicked me. Thankfully, I was able to move quickly to avoid this incident but since then I have been traumatized and stopped riding. Upon arriving at the farm I couldn’t help but admire their beautiful horses. I find this as a good start to finally be at ease with them and hopefully will start riding again soon. After this, we headed back to the main property for lunch and had my last treatment which was the foot scrub and massage then spent last few hours enjoying the spa facility. I also had the opportunity to enjoy the massage chairs in the silent room while reading my book overlooking the gorgeous nature view.

I can’t believe our stay had come to an end. It was definitely rejuvenating and relaxing plus driving the Ford Explorer definitely set the mood in. Here are some of the featured technologies of the Ford Explorer:

1. POWER AND EFFICIENCY – Feel the power behind the available 2.3L EcoBoost® engine, mated with the available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Terrain Management System™ and six-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission, which allows you to choose between fully automatic shifting or semi-automatic, clutch-less shifting. The available Class ll Trailer Tow package gives the 2017 Ford Explorer Limited the capability to tow trailers under 1360 kg.

2. LANE KEEPING SYSTEM -This innovative technology consists of three elements to help alert a driver to maintain proper lane position. The standard lane keeping system uses a small forward-facing camera behind the inside rearview mirror, the system “looks” down the road, monitoring lane markings to ensure the vehicle is on course. The system will alert the driver if the vehicle wanders or if it senses that the driver is drowsy, and can also apply light steering pressure to guide the vehicle back into its lane.

3. ENHANCED ACTIVE PARK ASSIST -The 2017 Explorer Limited uses its standard system of ultrasonic sensors to help you navigate into nearly all parking situations. Using 12 ultrasonic sensors, the Explorer will scan for suitable parallel or perpendicular parking space, calculate the trajectory, and automatically steer the car into space. All you have to do is shift, accelerate and brake. This vehicle also has Park Out Assist to help steer you out of a tight parallel parking space, while Side Parking Sensor watches your back, front and sides – warning you when you come close to an object.

4. BLIND SPOT INFORMATION SYSTEM – The standard Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with CrossTraffic Alert uses sensors to detect traffic in a driver’s blind spot, providing a visual warning if vehicles are detected.

5. INFLATABLE SEAT BELTS – Breathe easier with the 2017 Explorer Limited safety features. The standard rear inflatable outboard seat belts combine the attributes of seat belts and airbags. The shoulder belt developed for the outboard rear seats contains an airbag. During a crash, sensors determine when the inflatable belt should deploy and signal the belt’s tubular airbag to rapidly inflate with compressed gas.

6. AUTO HIGH BEAMS -The standard auto high beams use a camera to detect approaching light and automatically turn your high beams on and off, ensuring clear visibility for late night cruising.

7. RAIN-SENSING WIPERS -The standard rain-sensing wipers use an optical sensor that detects moisture, signaling the wipers when to wipe and how quickly. With five sensitivity settings, the wipers speed up or slow down depending on the amount of moisture, making way for clear sight ahead

8. LET THE OUTSIDE IN – Feel the heat of the sun on your face or wisps of fresh air on your skin while you drive with the available twin-panel moonroof that extends over the front and rear seats. You and your passengers have the power to let the outside in – to experience the sensations of nature while still getting to where you need to be – all with the simple push of a button.

9. CRUISE CONTROL TO THE NEXT LEVEL -Available adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support take conventional cruise control to the next level. Select not only the desired speed but also the space between your 2017
Explorer Limited and the vehicle in front of you, via preselected gap settings. When the system’s radar sensor detects traffic slowing ahead, your vehicle will automatically slows down. After traffic has cleared, your vehicle resumes the pre-set speed and distance from the vehicle ahead. If the radar senses a potential collision, a red warning light will illuminate on your windshield and a warning chime will sound. If you don’t react and continue to get closer to the other vehicle after the warning chime, the brake support will pre-charge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you brake.

10. DRIVE IN COMFORT -The available multi-contour seats with Active Motion let you enjoy a massage or extra lumbar support while driving in comfort.



  1. December 11, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Looks like such an amazing trip, Dar!! So relaxing!
    xx gabriella

  2. December 16, 2017 / 7:14 pm

    There’s nothing like a little escape out to nature for some relaxation! Even better when it’s a spa! Looks like such a nice place and like you had a good time!

  3. Simonetta Lein
    December 17, 2017 / 1:49 am

    Soooo beautiful. That cottage seems so spectacular, the pool, horses, the food. I loved all of your narration. So cool

  4. December 17, 2017 / 3:08 am

    Looks like you’ve had the best time ever! So nice to get away before Christmas isn’t it? ALso helps when your ride is as perfect as this?! LOVE the location too!

  5. Valeria
    December 17, 2017 / 3:44 pm

    This Spa in the country offers all sorts of amenities and looks so relaxing! The food looks super yummy too! Plus you chose the perfect car to travel comfortably down there! Love, Valeria

  6. December 17, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    Hey B! First off we need to take a vacay one day. This spa looks like the perfect getaway. You always go to the best places. Beautiful shots as well.
    Love you,

  7. December 18, 2017 / 5:35 am

    I can say… what a dream place my darling… everything looks so perfect and the getaway would be a great one for sure. Hope u had a wonderful time and happy holidays

  8. December 19, 2017 / 10:12 pm

    Wow!! Both the car and the cottage look so amazing. This seems like such a fun and relaxing weekend. Hope you had an amazing time!

  9. Jennifer Quattrucci
    December 22, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    This is truly so amazing! I absolutely adored all these captures on Instagram and this spa is the country is at the top of my bucket list! You look absolutely gorgeous as always!!

  10. December 26, 2017 / 1:57 am

    K everything about this experience sounded sooo amazing. From the actual spa to the vehicle. It truly looked like you had the best time and I’m oh so jealous!

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