St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market

A week before I left for Cuba I had the pleasure of having lunch with a co Blogger Tiffany. She mainly focus on style and fashion. We met during the fashion week. She’s a really sweet girl. I like it when I do meet ups with other bloggers, We take pictures of each other with no shame! hahahaha I’m still getting used to taking photos and people do actually give you frightening misjudging stare. But when you have each other nothing can bring you down!

So moving on,

We decided to meet at St. Lawrence Market for lunch. I haven’t been inside so it was pretty exciting to go to.St. Lawrence Market-10

Looking around for food. We stumble upon Barsa in front of St. Lawrence Market. They cater spanish food so we went in and liked the ambience. They were not much people inside.

St. Lawrence Market-8

St. Lawrence Market-1

The menu sounds good. Tho I prefer a menu with photos. I ordered Grilled Octopus and Tiffany ordered the chicken with cous cous.

St. Lawrence Market-3

I like the way they serve the food. But for the price I was expecting more food on my plate.

St. Lawrence Market-4

St. Lawrence Market-5

I left feeling more hungry than ever. Tho maybe I should give it a chance next time for dinner! They serve paella and better menu at night. But all in all I wasn’t satisfy with Barsa. It was too quite and food serving was too small for the price. We will go back for dinner tho to see.

St. Lawrence Market-6

After lunch we headed inside St. Lawrence market and search for more food.

St. Lawrence Market-23

They have many option from fish, seafood, meat, cold cuts, cheese, bread, sweet and fresh flowers. They even have souvenir shop inside.

St. Lawrence Market-24

St. Lawrence Market-25

St. Lawrence Market-28

St. Lawrence Market-30

St. Lawrence Market-29

St. Lawrence Market-31

St. Lawrence Market-36

St. Lawrence Market-38

St. Lawrence Market-33

I find everything over price here. But that didn’t stop me from buying a lobster! I paid $26 dollars for the smallest one they have. I was really hungry and been deprived from seafood!

St. Lawrence Market-44

St. Lawrence Market-51

St. Lawrence Market-52

St. Lawrence Market-46

We sat outside as we wait for the lobster to be ready. After 15 mnts I hurried to pick it up and bring it to our table.

St. Lawrence Market-57

It was really small for the price I paid. But it was worth it because it was so good!  I ate it on its own, no salt butter and lemon needed. They don’t have it there anyway.

St. Lawrence Market-55

St. Lawrence Market-56

St. Lawrence Market-59

We also had some egg tart for dessert that tiffany got. They 6 for 10 dollars. They taste really good.

St. Lawrence Market-47

St. Lawrence Market-61

After two lunches we decided to walk around Front Street and take our outfit photos.

St. Lawrence Market-21

St. Lawrence Market-11

St. Lawrence Market-12

My favourite building!

St. Lawrence Market-15

St. Lawrence Market-13

St. Lawrence Market-17

St. Lawrence Market-18

St. Lawrence Market-20

I am so not a fashion blogger! and still a working progress but hey at least I’m trying!




  1. December 11, 2015 / 10:59 pm

    You guys are too cute!! Lunch ASAP please x

    • thenewgirl
      December 12, 2015 / 5:32 pm

      yes lets do that soon pls!!