Sahana Villa + Mini Seminyak, Bali Guide

Sahana Villa + Mini Seminyak, Bali Guide

Seminyak is probably one of the busiest places in Bali but it’s alive and super fun. It’s located a little north of Kuta with a long stretch of beach, magnificent sunset views over the Indian Ocean shoreline. The party scene and restaurant options are so good and very international. You’ll find that most restaurants are very instagrammable and healthy. I could totally see the influence that Australians brought over to Seminyak. This is also a shopping hub for some of my favourite brands like GooseBerry, Wanderlust and Bali Boat Shed. I did a lot of shopping here but I find the pricing is very expensive compared to other places. I’ll write more about the shopping area in the coming big blog posts about Bali. I just really wanna dissect each place I stayed first before making a big one. We spent most of our days going to beach clubs and watching sunsets at the beach. I’ll be sharing the beach clubs we really liked when we were there.

I really had so much fun when we stayed in the Seminyak area. It was also my first time to stay in a Villa in Bali. We stayed in Sahana Villa for 4 days before moving to Canggu. I remember arriving late at night and it was just very welcoming when we got inside the Villa. They even had fresh coconut juice waiting for us when we arrived. It’s perfect for a big group of at least 3 couples, It’s also ideal for families or group of friends. The Villa is composed of 3 separate rooms with a big outside kitchen where you can cook and store food. I really loved this about the place. It also comes with outdoor showers at the back of the rooms, your private pool and a backyard. Every morning we have our own chef who makes us breakfast together with fresh fruits, shakes, the best coffee and I got to try Jamu for the first time and have been addicted to it since then, that I even remade one when I got home from this trip. Jamu is Bali’s all-natural, anti-inflammatory elixir- made with fresh turmeric, ginger, honey and a squeeze of lemon. It’s has a particularly soothing effect on tummy discomfort, digestion and helps on tired and achy bones, relieving aches and pains. They also have a housekeeper that cleans the place every day.

Every morning, I would do some stretches and reflection by the pool before breakfast. On most days we spend it just going around Seminyak and shops. We spent our late afternoon till sunset at the beach clubs I’m sharing below and then head to dinner to some of my fav restaurants.

Best Restaurants for Late lunch: ( late lunch because we always get so full from the breakfast at the Villa)

  • Sea Circus Restaurant: I love this place! It’s so colourful and vibrant that even reflects on their menu. I loved the acai bowl, burritos and they even have a hangover happy meal which probably the best choice after a nightlife.
  • Cafe Organic: This place is all plant-based meal and amazing boho interior! they are known for their bowls and smoothies.
  • Sisterfields: The avocado toast here and burgers are a must! I super love the wholesome menu and the vibe here.

Best Beach Club to spend the day tanning/Lunch/ Sunset and people-watching:

  • Mrs Sippy Bali: I love this place during the afternoon after lunch. They have the biggest saltwater pool. If you’re up for it you can jump on their jumping deck! Its the perfect place to tan and people watch! You can stay here all day till night and listen to the DJ. I find that it’s easy to make friends here as people are a little bit more open and less snobby.
  • Potato Head Beach Club: Ah, this place is my very first ever beach club that I went to. I loved the vibe here and the beachfront view of the sunset is just beyond words. The music here is also good. This is a fun place to go in a group. make sure to watch the sunset!
  • Ku De Ta: This place is probably the original when it comes to beach clubs. I love the atmosphere here but find the crowd to be a little bit more serious and refined that the other places. Perfect for people looking for a chill but an amazing experience.
  • La Plancha Bali: The colourful Balinese umbrellas and bean bag + Cocktails + Sunset = heaven on earth. Need I say more? But all in all this place is a little bit more laid back than the other beach club we went to.
  • Alila Seminyak Beach Club: If you’re looking for a quiet beach club to hang out at this would be the ideal place. You can enjoy the pool overlooking the ocean while sipping on your favourite cocktail and reading your book.

Best Restaurants for Dinner/Nightlife:

  • Motel Mexicola: OMG! If I have a place I will visit over and over every night while in Seminyak this would be the place. I love their tacos and margaritas. Actually, everything on the menu is just perfect. the funky interior at night and the top 40 and Latino music is the big win for me. They even have free shots at a certain time. I basically love this place because I could DANCE while having dinner haha. I just love this place! You need to go.
  • Da Maria: If you’d have enough Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng then maybe it’s time for some Italian! this restaurant has the most romantic setting for dinner overlooking the beach. Make sure to book a reservation ahead before coming here.
  • Tropicola: Well the genius behind Motel Mexicola decided to open a beach club/restaurant. The interior here is definitely vibrant and colourful and different from the rest of Bali. Order everything that’s grill! The Shrimp is so huge and really good.
  • Kaum at Potato Head: Kaum Means “Tribe” in Indonesian. This place is perfect to go to if you know you’re spending the whole night in Potato Head. it’s on a second floor facing the ocean. The food is Indonesian cuisine. If you want to try Indonesian food aside from Nasi and Mi Goreng then this is the perfect place to do so.

Best Nightlife Experience:

  • La Favela: This place is so FUN! and somehow endless, in every space it surprises you with different music genre and display. You need to go here if you’re in Seminyak.
  • Mirror Lounge & Club: I can’t even begin the experience we had when we were here! The light show is just simply spectacular. I felt like I was in a cirque de Soleil show. We went here after a few drinks at favela. IT WAS AMAZING.

Okay that’s pretty much all my mini recommendations if ever you are in Seminyak. These places have been tested by me and would totally come back when I’m in Seminyak. I somehow lost the photos of the other places we went when we were in Seminyak. It’s most likely somewhere but I’ll blame it to all the partying we did while we were here but those are the good ones when you didn’t spend so much time taking photos. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and enjoy your time.

PS: But don’t forget to take photos when you go to one of my recommendations and send it to me 🙂

Mornings in Sahana Villas
Our little foyer outside of one of the rooms
I love this little space in our outdoor washroom
Beside the couch
Such a gorgeous Room out of 3
The gorgeous Mad Pops location in Seminyak. All the guilt-free Ice cream
Sunset at Seminyak beach in front of Potato Head Bali
The gorgeous night at Potato Head

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