Pink Skies at The Lind, Boracay

Pink Skies at The Lind, Boracay

Boracay will always hold a special place in my heart. The first time I came here I was 7 years old, the purest and softest white sand there is in the world and the water so clear you can see thru what lies beneath. I’ve also lived here for awhile during my teens. I split my time between London-Manila-Boracay, how I miss the days when you don’t care about anything and you wake up with no worries in your mind. I’ve learned so much about patience, appreciating simple things and joys in life when we lived in an Island lifestyle before. This is also the place where I spent a lot of New Year’s white party with my friends, that swimming from the shore to the deep blue sea became a usual thing, thinking about it now it was pretty reckless someone could have drowned! lol But I am forever going to be a water baby. There’s something about the sea that calms me, I could snorkel, surf and float in the water all day long.

This is also the place where I had my first dates, one of them is to my special someone now. The reason also of going back is considering it a place to throw the big wedding, It’s either here or in Tulum. It is after all both magical place to me. One of the places I’m considering is The Lind Hotel, Boracay. The newest luxury hotel in the Island, with its beautiful five-star location and interior design to die for, it is the perfect place to get married and to be seen at. A lot of local and International celebrities have stayed here. I brought along with me my favourite British babe Angelie for 2 nights stay in collaboration with The Lind.

Our stay with The Lind has given us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the great ambience of the Hotel. Angelie and I felt like we were in Miami, it gives off this amazing vibe and energy comparable to Florida. Getting to the Island is the easiest trip I have taken during my time in Asia. We took a plane from Manila which was only 45 minutes flight and upon arriving the hotel arranged our boat transfers which took only 25 minutes, from the port the hotel van is waiting for us, to take us to the hotel, which was about 15 minutes. We arrived at the hotel around 2 pm and were greeted by the amazing hospitality of the staffs. Upon checking in and settling in our hotel room, we headed to the beach and spent hours there and watched the gorgeous sunset by the infinity pool. By Dinner Time we checked out the Hotel’s all day dining restaurant Tartine by the beach level.

On our second day, we woke up early for breakfast, I also checked out their gym and it exceeded my expectation. The gym is by far one of the best I’ve seen during my trip in the Philippines, It motivated me to look forward working out every morning. After working out we checked out +36 (lobby lounge and bar) over looking the beach and beauty of the whole resort. After +36 I was given a massage by the infinity pool, with the sound of the waves as my background music and the crisp air touching my skin. You could either chose to do it there or by their in house spa. After getting pampered we spent our remaining time before dinner in their Bird Cage Cabana sipping prosecco’s and indulging with gorgonzola cheese (My Favorite). Just in time for getting ready for dinner, we were greeted by the pinkiest sunset I have ever seen, truly a memorable stay.

Here are some of the snaps I took while I was at The Lind

The beautiful white sand beach

The view of the whole resort.

The view from our room

Totally jealous of that girl with the unicorn floaty!

Here is our room

Every details is well thought of and the room smell’s amazing.

You also get comlimentary slippers for the beach, which was perfect as I didn’t bring any with me.

The toilet is fully equipped with everything you need, don’t even bother bringing toiletries as they got you covered. Just bring your sunscreen and tanning lotion.

The make-up Desk (well surely for others this is the working space)

We were also given treats upon checking into our room.

Together with a personal note in it.

Right after checking in we headed to beach right away.

To enjoy this stunning view. Staying at the Lind gives you more privacy to enjoy the beach as oppose to other location in the Island which is always crowded.

We also stumbled upon this beach ball, we actually got invited to join local influencers for a yacht party which we sadly missed because well Spa was the priority!




We also started ordering bublies upon our arrival. I mean it’s not official vacation without some yummy prosseco.

We didn’t even think about lunch anymore as we were too busy admiring the beach and the whole resort. We settled for some Caprese as It was almost dinner time already.





The beautiful sunset.

After watching Sunset, we headed back to our room to get ready for Dinner.

I was also amazed at the vegan selection they have in the hotel, as Angelie is vegan.

We also had chilled red wine (only in the Philippines did I realize they drink their red cold)

Surely it was good!

I’m a big fan of Nasi Gorengs ( I ate so much in Bali!) and surely The Lind’s nasi gorengs is one of the best I had.

Angelie settled for some eggplant and rice.

After dinner, we headed to the beach front again to listen to the sound of the waves till we felt sleepy and headed back to our room and enjoyed our comfy bed.


On our second day, after working out we headed straight to breakfast heaven. The breakfast buffet was located at Crust. The place is set up beautifully.

One of my favourite Filipino delicacy, Puto a filipino steamed sweet cake made with ground rice or flour with the cheesiest cheese on topping.

Also, Taho made with processed soybeans topped with caramel and tapioca. (you need to try this when you visit the country!)

glazed doughnuts.

and so many more options for breakfast.

We chose the spot near the beach front

Iced Coffee

Some Arroz Caldo with eggs (my grandmother used to cook this for breakfast) it’s like congee but better as it has chicken bits and ginger, topped with crunchy fried garlic, boiled egg and calamansi.

Some Puto and banana bread.

Pineapple to wash done all the carbs I just devoured.

At the +36 lobby lounge bar




The Spa is the in-house spa for the resort. It is a very well known five star brand around the country.

I was treated to a One hour massage by the infinity pool, surely I fell asleep listening to the sound of the waves and the crisp air helped my body to relax. It was the perfect place for a massage if you’re shy you can always take advantage of the amazing room indoors. I love the atmosphere inside the spa as it’s very relaxing and you get to enjoy spa music plus more privacy.

After the relaxing massage, we spent our time at the Bird Cage Cabana enjoying another round of bubbles.

We talked about everything British and well now my Canadian adventures. Angelie’s been living in the Philippines for awhile now she works as an International model who found Manila a place to call home.

We watched the sky as it turns pink for the sunset, thinking how blessed we are to be at this place at that moment. We don’t really get to enjoy this kind of view back home in Canada or in England. We sat quietly for an hour without saying any words to each other, just simply admiring the moment. You gotta cherish moments like this with people you call friends.

How gorgeous is this place? we weren’t ready to leave the two days passed by so quickly but surely we know we will be back

Check out The Lind, Boracay

AddressStation 1, Barangay Balabag,, Boracay Island, 5608 Aklan, Philippines

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