One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos Mexico

One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos Mexico

Okay, guys, my whole segment for the Asia blog posts has to be postponed till next week. I have been crazy on the go and how I wish I have someone with me to help me on the blog to have something fresh at least twice a week. Unfortunately, my assistant quit  (personal reasons) and I really liked her a lot. So my sincere apologies I have been slacking on the blog. I’m currently back in Toronto sorting out school and planning travel plans before the summer ends. I should have a new weekly update this Sunday! I have a few good news to share on your end. Right now, I  just wanted to quickly share with you my amazing time at One & Only Palmilla.


Two weeks ago, I was in Los Cabos Mexico to visit the One & Only Palmilla property. It’s probably one of my dream properties to work with. They reached out to me a few months back right after my trip to the Maldives. I have been so excited to go sooner but I had to wait as I just got my approval of residency in Canada ( woohoo! I’m saving this update on Sunday’s post). Due to this, my trips have to be moved around. Our flight to Los Cabos was cancelled because of the hurricane warning. We flew the next day instead, but this is probably the most ideal situation because when we arrived the weather was absolutely stunning and we never had any rain during our whole week in Cabo. Everything about OO Palmilla was like a dream, the staff are very helpful all the time and always on top of things. The property is an absolute paradise, every corner is picturesque. The quality of food and service are the best of the best. We never left the property during our stay because everything we needed was all there.

On our first day, We had lunch by the adults only pool while we wait for our room to be ready, Here I met Manuel who’s the manager of Seared – One of my new favourite grill restaurant. He took care of us while we were in the property. I also got to experience Coco Margarita (minus pineapple and other rich ingredients) – also another new favourite because of OO Palmilla. It’s basically like piña colada but purely coconut milk and tequila… it’s soo good I swear I need to recreate this one of these days or probably enough reason to go back. After lunch with the gorgeous overlooking of the ocean. We were escorted to our room, a Junior Suite – Oceanfront view of Sea Cortez where we met one of our two butlers. Everything about the room is beautiful and you get to choose any aroma you want for the scent of the room. The Bathtub is so inviting too.  After getting familiar with the property, we took a quick nap before getting ready for an early dinner at Aqua By Larbi – here we had the most romantic spot facing the ocean and enjoyed a seafood dinner while being serenaded by a Mariachi Band. After Dinner, we headed back to our room for a good night sleep.

On our second day, We spent most of our time at the Adult’s only pool area, where we had the complimentary foot massage. I was able to relax and enjoyed reading “When life gives you Lululemon“.  I’m also impressed with the service here, they provide you with some iced fruits, always making sure your water is ice cold and also offers some cold after sun spray mist and a handmade fan to cool you off. I super love the pillows they provide you not only for your neck but also for your legs! Talk about being so pampered. After here, we checked out the white sand Pelican Beach for some water sports and spent lunch here by the beach. The water is surprisingly so calm which is very unusual for Baja, California and given us the opportunity to kayak and do my favourite paddle boarding. For Dinner, we checked out Seared by One& Only – Everything on their menu was so good, we opted out for some Steak and grilled lobsters with a great bottle of wine recommended by their Sommelier. We also had the pleasure of watching the sunset on the beach where the sky was so pink, it almost felt so surreal and dreamy while watching it against the sound of the ocean waves. We enjoyed a couple of minutes just staring out the sky and the Sea of Cortez with no worries in our heads.

On our third day, we woke up extra early to shoot some content and checked out the gym. We did a boot camp class and followed by a scrumptious breakfast at Aqua by Larbi. They seriously have the freshest muffin here ( and it’s unlimited :p ) My favourite is the chocolate one. They also serve really good fresh orange juice. I must have ordered 3 drinks at once. After breakfast, we spent our time at the Adults only pool area again, while we wait for our spa massage appointment. I love this pool as it goes really deep that you can jump off the edge and not hit your head! The water is so cool, perfect for the dry heat weather of Cabo. We arrived 45 minutes before our scheduled body massage to enjoy the spa facilities, OO Palmilla has probably one of the best facility I have seen. They have steam, sauna, hot & cold pool and if you exit the women’s area you’ll find a co-ed private relaxation pool. I came here a few times just to enjoy the peacefulness away from all the other guests and to be on my own mind. Sometimes an alone time is all that you needed to reboot. They don’t have wifi signal here – I think they made it purposely like that so guest could really unplugged from their phone and other technology which is the number source of our stress. I had an hour massage and it was so good that it only felt 15 minutes. I had another one the next day by the sea! I think this was my favourite yet. The sound of the waves added an extra relaxation while the masseuse rubbed my tense back. For Dinner and Pre-cocktails we went to Suviche – a combination of Mexican Ceviche, fresh sushi & sashimi. I was told the new Japanese chef has only been around a few weeks. It fascinated me while I watch him prepare some of our dishes. It’s also my first time to have Japanese food prepared by an authentic Japanese chef while in Mexico. My favourite is the avocado ceviche and pretty much all the sushi I had on the menu. It is best to ask the sake Sommelier for pairing. Please note that if you can’t handle spicy like me don’t get it! I was surprised how spicy was the spicy salmon sushi compared to how I normally can handle the spice when in North America. My favourite cocktails here are sumbrero and number 1.

On our fourth day, We woke up very late and enjoyed a late breakfast in our own terrace facing the sea. Once again, for one last time, I ordered muffin(s) -this time around it wasn’t unlimited but I had about 3 chocolate muffin. ( just writing about this chocolate muffin right about now is making me so hungry and having an intense craving for it.- I should probably ask them for the secret recipe) Since I ate so much muffin, I had to balance it out with lots of green tea, ginger tea ( I felt like I was getting sick on the last day! This saves me everytime I’m feeling sick) and orange juice. I also had a fresh bowl of fruits with some coconut meat and banana bread to go. After breakfast, we headed to the Adults only pool for some downtime and swimming. I probably spent 3 hours here just absorbing everything on site, trying to remember every single details and just wanted to hold on to it and the feeling of never wanting to leave! (This is for real guys!) after this, I had the massage by the beach and ended it to a nice sunset jacuzzi by the Vista area where the children pool is located and near the Aqua by Larbi restaurant.

My stay with One&Only Palmilla is probably one of my favourite place to relax, simply just unwind and let the property take good care of you. I did want to extend a few more days but I know if I stayed the whole week I will never get to explore the other area as all I would want to do is to enjoy the facilities here.

I can’t wait to explore the other One&Only Properties – Next Stop: DUBAI















  1. Micc
    July 20, 2018 / 4:33 am

    I super love all the picture! <3

  2. October 7, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    OMG so beautiful! I really want some Sunshine as it’s all rain and wind here now in Scotland! Looking FAb in all the pics and what a stunning post!

    Tatyana x

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