London After 5 years

London After 5 years

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 5 years since the last time I visited the place I once called home and embraced its culture. I love London, I love going to school here and living with my family. But I do believe that the universe has its mysterious ways and leads to another part of the world. In my case it was Canada.

I went to visit some of my friends and family whom I haven’t seen in ages since moving to Canada. There was definitely lots of emotion involve. My Euro trip was basically all about reconnecting to my soul and my old self. A lot of changes has happened in the span of 5 years – I have grown up so much. I visited the places that I used to enjoy as a teenager and fid it boring now and some places that I remember being big is now tiny in my eyes. I felt so good about myself for all the achievement I have achieve over the years since I left.

However, I still feel so ecstatic and happy when visiting some of the spots I always loved. Notting Hill for sure still makes me inspired and I secretly wants to buy a house here someday. Summer is here and London is the perfect place to Visit. Below are some of my Favourite Places and Restaurants that you need to check out:

Trafalgar Square: I mean who doesn’t like this square? I have so many memories here being a teen. haha, I won’t go to details but its a must place to just sit down and absorb the culture.

Notting Hill: Umm need I say more?

Portabello Road: Instagram Heaven

Westminister: I can’t wait for Big Ben to be finished. I love taking photos here and just hanging out at Thames River with tea in hand.

London Bridge: I actually love it here at night! I also love visiting the London tower. I could feel the rich historical energy and I love it.

London Library: I could get lost here and be happy about it.

Farmacy : One of my favourite plant based restaurant.

The Churchill Arms: Favourite pub in Notting Hill. A must visit and make sure to order some cider

Sketch: I actually didn’t like dinner here but High tea is a must or drinks after dinner. This place is pure art and so stunning!

Brown & Rosie: Perfect brunch spot

Farm Girl: Another wholesome place to go

Peggy Porschen: I really love the food here aside from how gorgeous this place is.

Aqua Shard: I love this place and the view is just fantastic. the 360 views is just wow

Bob Bob Ricard : This place is the perfect place with girlfriends – Press for Champagne anyone?

I have a lot more of favourite places to check out but I think it’s best to come back this summer and give you an update.

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