La Guarida, Havana Cuba

La Guarida, Havana Cuba

Wow I can’t believe this trip was in September, The days are passing so by so quickly and we’re now on the end of 2018. Starting tomorrow I’m publishing a blog Everyday till the end of the year. Putting all the Travel Guides I have been holding on for awhile now. I’m surprisingly heading somewhere cold again for the Holidays. I’m traveling to Mt. Tremblant this weekend to work with the tourism board. I’m sharing some of my favourites pieces with you today if you’re still looking for an outfit for Christmas Eve dinner or just want to dress up for the holidays.

La Guarida in Havana felt like Christmas when I was there. It reminded me of my childhood days back home in the Philippines where we would go dress up and a place where we will have our Christmas Eve Dinner. Red is my favourite go to colour for my outfit for this season and gold for my accesories. The place is so stunning and totally felt like I was transformed back in time. Havana holds such a big place in my heart as it remids me of myself. Despite the challenges the beauty inside it still wins. 

I loved the ambience of this place but to be completely honest I wasn’t impressed with the food. I loved the other 2 places we went which I’m sharing with you tomorrow. Anyway, I’m currently running errands today so I wont keep you long anymore! Let me know what you think of my picks.

Red Dress

Gold Accesories

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