Intramuros, Manila

Intramuros, Manila


The last time I’ve been in Manila was more than two years ago. It was when I decided Asia is not for me anymore, It was the moment I took a chance in love. Some say I was crazy for leaving everything behind not only in Manila but also London as it was both my home base during that time. I also stopped modelling and started being more serious in school. Moving forward, It’s been more than a year now when I completely changed career. I never imagined I would start blogging. It was definitely scary and totally out of my comfort zone. Writing is not my strongest suit, heck English is not even my first language.  I started being more committed to it when 2017 started. I signed up with an Influencer agency to represent me. I started working online, I didn’t even consider it my full-time job as my main goal was to make friends and get me out of the house. Coming back to Manila made me realise how much I have grown as a person and how blogging helped me evolve. I wanted a job where I am my own boss, I love fashion and photography, I wanted to travel around the world and blogging lets me do it.

Blogging was also the main reason for me going back to Asia, I travelled to 3 countries to show you this side of the world. I partnered up with different hotels to showcase amazing places. I took the easiest route to go to Manila via  Toronto-Vancouver-Manila Philippine Airline. The total flight was 18 hours, I think this was good as it prepared me for the trips I was about to take, I took about more than 20 flights on this trip.

I stayed with my best friend Gwen during my time in Manila, – Manila is huge, there are so many different places to explore. Not a lot of tourist who travels to the Philippines make a stop to Manila as they don’t think there’s anything to do there. They go to the hidden beaches right away. So let me show a peak of Intramuros – From the city’s foundation in 1571 to the end of Spanish rule in 1898, Intramuros was Manila. It held many stories, histories and secrets about the Philippines. I think this is the best way to start my trip to the Philippines, so you’ll get to understand more why the Philippines is the Philippines. Spanish first colonised the Philippines before the Americans came. A lot of the Spanish traditions still remain in our culture, same goes for the dialect, it was only recently that they stopped teaching Spanish in schools. Our most historical sites are all built with Spanish architecture.

The Manila Cathedral built  in 1958




Gwen and I also rented a “kalesa” – (a horse-driven carriage used in the Philippines. The word predates the Spanish conquest and descends ultimately from an Old Church Slavonic word meaning “wheels.” This was one of the modes of transportation introduced in the Philippines in the 18th century)

We arrived at 4 pm in the afternoon which was a perfect time to catch the golden hour. The sunset in the Philippines is always the same anywhere given it’s a tropical country, it sets at 5:15 to 6 pm.

We finished our trip on one of the famous rooftop bar in Bay Leaf Hotel. They are famous for their sunset views.


And surely it did not dissapoint.

Couldn’t be happier to share this one of the most important people in my life, my best friend whom not a day goes by I don’t think about, whom always there for me no matter is the distance and time differences. Cheers to beautiful memories in life.



  1. September 14, 2017 / 2:37 pm

    Damn girl, I went to Manila in January, and the Manila I went to looked nothing like that…

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