I’M Hotel – Makati, Philippines

I’M Hotel – Makati, Philippines

My stay in Manila wouldn’t be complete without a girlfriend staycation with my best friend. We stayed for two nights at one of the up and coming luxury Hotel in Metro Manila, I’M Hotel. The hotel offers unique features that surely will make you don’t want to leave the place. They have Acrylic-Bottomed Infinity Pool (Yes a glass bottom pool! where you can see cars and people moving below you) located on the 2nd floor where they also have a gorgeous pool club set up and the mermaid bar which opens around 5 pm. They also have 2 restaurants inside the hotel and the most popular spa right now in Manila, the Onsen Spa where they offer spa packages, which includes a buffet meal. You don’t even have to stay in the Hotel to avail this, booking with the Spa needs to be made ahead of time as it’s very in demand.

They have also a rooftop bar opening before 2017 ends, which I was able to have a sneak peak of as it wasn’t ready yet when I stayed here. I took some photos of the view for you to see. The location of the hotel is perfectly situated in the heart of Makati City, Philippines. Transportation is easy and available 24 hours. I don’t think you need to leave the hotel tho, exploring and staying the hotel is more fun plus the Hotel staff are very accommodating and always so keen to help you.

We stayed in a 1 Bedroom Executive Suite located at one of the top floors. It has everything you need for your stay. It has a kitchen, dining area, sala, balcony and a king size bed which has the Luxury German Rainshower. It also has a good wifi connection, HDTV and a Free Access to Club Lounge when you book directly.

Here are some of the snaps I took when I stayed here.

The stunning view in our room.

Our living room and dining area

Gorgeous fresh flowers

Also, there was no need to fight for TV! we have two, one of them in each room.

The pink clouds appear around 5:45 pm every day.

Who doesn’t love Hotel bathrobes?

And marble tiled bathrooms?

Here’s the sneak peak of the view from their rooftop bar

It’s also not for the faint hearted, Here pictured my best friend being so brave sitting on the edge, The transparent wall hasn’t been installed yet. We utterly felt VIP’s  as we were also accompanied with a few of the special securities. haha

I mean look at that view. Totally worth it.

The next day we woke up around 7 am eagerly so excited for breakfast as we actually skipped Dinner to make alot of room for breakfast in Bed.

I’M hotel’s signature cappuccino (a must order for that Instagram shots)

French Toast because well Gwen’s French. (LOL)

Lot’s of pastries.

Well as for me I ordered mostly Filipino breakfast simply because I love rice and I miss having this, I can’t have this back home in Canada.

Blueberry mini pancakes.

And crispy bacon and egg.

After Breakfast, we headed to the pool area and pretty much stayed there the whole day.

Even waited for Mermaid bar to open to get some cocktails.

How cool is this? I’ve also taken a bunch of videos but still trying to figure out the editing part and if I should start vlogging? Any thoughts? I’ll surely upload them here once I’m done with them

Next stop was lunch at Empress Jade (one of the best Chinese restaurant in Metro Manila). They also have salted egg potato chips as their complementary. Don’t forget to ask for this as it’s really good.

Some rose tea for starters

Crispy Spring rolls and Taro Croquette with Scallop (my favourite)

Piña Colada for Gwen.

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken and dried shrimp. ( melts in your mouth)

The Famous 8 treasures xiao long bao platter ( you definitely need to order this!)

Fresh Mango with Pomelo in Mango juice

Lastly my favourite desert, Chendol (Fresh pandan-infused bits topped with crushed ice, red bean, coconut milk and a dash of coconut sugar syrup)

For dinner, we tried out Bloom’s buffet (located on the 4th floor) and surely we loved every single food on their buffet menu. The Japanese section is a must and of course the Filipino cuisine. They also offer Chinese and Western. After dinner, we spent the remaining time watching TV in our bedroom which was really comfortable and we slept like a baby!

The next day we pretty much spent the whole day again at the pool, as for brunch we tried out Bloom the expectation is beyond to comprehend. There was an event at the hotel that day that we get to enjoy, It was for L’oreal Beauty. We had hair dyed then followed by hair and makeup session. Sadly because of this, we missed out on our spa appointment at the hotel. I did get to enjoy the spa facility anyway so I surely recommend going in. Gwen and her family came here to try out the massage-spa and dinner buffet for her dad’s birthday and she told me it was amazing for only the price of Php 1,500 ( About $30USD only!) during Monday-Thursday and Php 1,800 ( $35USD). That is really cheap for a buffet and 1-hour body massage treatment. I can’t wait to go back and actually do this again for like 5 days straight. Okay, maybe just 2 days….. lol

All in all, we had an excellent service and we can’t wait to be back.

Check them out at:



Address7862 Makati Ave, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines


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