HongKong for 3 Days

HongKong for 3 Days

I love Hong Kong! It’s probably one of my favourite places to visit when in Asia. Coming from the Philippines, It just makes sense to stop over here before making our way to Bali. Since we only have limited time we can only do 3 nights tops. We stayed at Penta Hotel Kowloon, which is a bit far from all the action in the main HongKong common ground. However, it was such a breath of fresh air as it was not a usual tourist spot to hang out or stay and gives you more insight into local life living in the old Kowloon Area of Hong Kong. It was also near the famous Instagram spot ” Choi Hung Estate “. It’s literally 5 minutes or so walk from the Hotel. I usually stay at Tsim Tsa Tsui Area but wanted to try something different for this trip.

Hongkong is a really busy city, people walk so fast and traffic is crazy. Taking MTR (Mass Transit Railway) is the fastest way to go around. It’s so amazing how convenient it is to go around. I suggest getting a tourist day card when you’re here. We also used uber in some occasional time when we can’t find the place we’re going, I think only once. This is also the most time we walked so much during our trip to Asia. All we did was walk around for hours a day. We didn’t even feel tired till we get back to the Hotel which was midnight every time. Food is another thing, I love their food here, but I mainly had noodles as being a vegetarian on this trip I had a hard time looking for vegan places. Therese had to bring me to this really cute vegan place near Lan Kwai Fong called Veggie SF  on our last day. They have really good “chicken” satay.  I also love going to Tsim Tsa Tsui area as everything tourist activity is there. Then symphony of lights, Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour, Nathan Road for shopping (Love shopping designer goodies here as there is no tax and almost the same price as in Paris) Felix Bar in Peninsula Hotel. The night Market in Mong Kong is a must see. I got a few cute phone cases here and socks when we came to check it out. Just watch out for aggressive sellers. Make sure if you’re going to haggle the price make sure it’s really what you wanted or else they’ll start being mean towards you.

We also checked out Disneyland. I love going here but lately, I find the place overcrowded even when we went on a weekday. The line takes about 40-1 hour wait time. I still recommend coming here just to see and experience it. After here we went to take a Red Sail Junk Boat for sunset, but unfortunately, it was gloomy when we came. But still, it was a great experience. We booked Aqualuna online. For food, we enjoyed our time exploring Causeway Bay.

I wished we had more time to spend here but maybe next time we’ll do a week stay.

Here are some of the photos we took while exploring Hong Kong:


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