Current Go-To Winter Make-up Products

Winter in Canada can be harsh and Make-up products can sometimes either make it or break your skin. I have been enjoying the same go-to everyday make up look leaving my skin looking fresh. I’m very into reddish/marron eyeshadow when it comes to my eyes. It makes my eyes pop more. I was actually surprised how natural it looks rather than edgy. I have been taking care of skin too with proper skincare and pre make up products to make my skin look youthful and hydrated. I use a mask once a day – either morning or night but I always make sure I have a mask on! whether a sheet mask or a hydrating mask. Once a week the tougher mask just to scrub away any dry skin to leave my skin looking and feeling smooth. It’s so important to have a good base before putting on any makeup. Below is a sample of my go-to look for everyday make up. I also listed the products I use.

Go To Products

How I use the products:

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