Coron – Palawan, Philippines

Coron – Palawan, Philippines

After 2 days in Cebu, we finally made it to Palawan. Therese and I had only 5 days to explore both Coron & El Nido. From Cebu, we flew to Coron and decided to stay here for 2 nights then take the fast ferry to El Nido on the 3rd day. I wish we had more time in Palawan, ideally, you need at least 5 days on each location to explore the islands in each destination, also it’s so beautiful I can’t even believe my own eyes.

We booked a hotel near the port for easier transfer when going to El Nido. Given our time frame is short (a day and a half) the best way to explore the islands is by hiring a private boat to bring us around. They have tour groups but I prefer going on our own time and really make the most of the views. I like to experience nature intimately. I always have a hard time concentrating and appreciating when it’s crowded.  Also, the tours in Palawan are arranged alphabetically order. We did the Tour A. ( Kayangan Lake, Baracuda Lake, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon ).

On our first night, we explored the town proper, The beach and gorgeous views are not seen here, you actually have to venture out with a boat or stay in a private 5-star resort. We didn’t bother booking a 5-star private island resort because we won’t have time and all our time would be out exploring. We checked out a few places for dinner and went home afterwards to prepare for our 7 am tour the next day which we booked in advance upon arrival.

The next morning, we met with our boat captain and his assistant, before boarding they took us to a wet market to buy food to be prepared and cooked for lunch by them while we’re exploring Baracuda Lake. I really love this, because I got to choose what to cook and prepare, we had tofu, prawns as huge as our faces, lots of veggies and some rice. We also got some watermelon and pineapple for desserts.

Our first stop was Kayangan lake which is probably one of the famous photos you’ll see when you search Coron. When we arrived it was already populated with tourist. We only stayed here for a while, It’s really nice to explore it. I made sure to bring my own flippers and swimming goggles. Our Next Stop was Baracuda lake – when we arrived the place was quiet and we had it all to ourselves. The story was there is one Baracuda fish that live there and sometimes shows up. I was so scared because I’m not a big fan of big fishes. It was also a famous spot for free divers and divers. I always wanted to learn how to free dive. Coron offers lessons but unfortunately, I’ll need to stay for at least a few days to learn the whole course. I will have to go back and do this. After here we headed to Banul Beach for lunch. It was so beautiful here and so serene. The beach is so white and the water is so clear. Our last stop was the Twin Lagoon. It’s so gorgeous I was left speechless – I had the same reaction when we reached the twin lagoon, we also hired a guide who told us about the histories and trivia about the places we visited. He also assisted us in going thru twin lagoon. you’ll have to swim from the boat port to go through both lagoons. I managed to do this without the vest with the help of my trusty snorkelling set which makes everything easy for me. We finished the tour around sunset time and by the time we got back to the mainland, it was dinner time.

We explored a little bit in town again for some vegetarian meal and headed back to our hotel to get ready to sleep early, Our boat ride to El Nido the next day was about 11 in the morning and were supposed to arrive around 4pm.

Our trip to coron was a little bit short and I can’t wait to be back to explore more of this gorgeous place.

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