Coco Cafe

Coco Cafe

A few weeks ago we decided to visit the infamous Coco Cafe in Holt Renfrew at Bloor. Chanel Beauty transformed their boutique to a cute coffee place while trying out their lipglosses. We came for the free coffee and of course the beautiful design of the place, we end up with a lipgloss. I don’t own one so it was perfect! I now use it every day.

See for yourself!

You won’t be able to say no with everything that you see.

We were seated at the back where the best seat was.

Perfect place for gossip and beauty update.

With my date Rachel who also is a blogger!

High with caffeine and a side of self-confidence gained from Chanel beauty products. We were ready to go for ur next event.

And then we meet this incredible dog! he has Instagram and quite the superstar!

He showed us a few tricks after promising him a few treats.

Probably the cutest dog ever.

Afterwards, we headed to Four Seasons Toronto for the Pandöra I do event.

We were given the chance to design our own bouquet of flowers, which was a great experience as I have never really had any skills in flower arranging.

It’s also more fun with a few champagne.

After 10 minutes of arranging this is my finish product.

After the Pandöra event, we headed for a few more happenings that night. It was such a great day for spring.

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