Canadian Summer – Day Trip to Muskoka Itinerary

Canadian Summer – Day Trip to Muskoka Itinerary

Wow, Summer is flying by so quick and I wasn’t even able to enjoy it just yet! So When August 1st struck I made it a mission to go out and explore. I keep telling myself for the Month of October it will be cold again till basically May. So I need to get up and enjoy this Month.

I have never been to Muskoka, Ontario – Can you believe it? So since it was the long weekend we decided to do a day trip to Muskoka so I thought I would share my itinerary with you guys! Everything was perfect even IRL. The Drive, sun and sunset plus the water were just what the doctor ordered.

Also who said you need a cottage to have fun?

10 AM: We left Toronto and made our way to JW Marriot Muskoka – They do have Spa Day passes ($50 CAD) which gives you access to the Hotel plus the use of steam, sauna and pool! They also have nice restaurants in the hotel. They have water activities like paddleboarding, canoe, kayak and somewhat a giant water trampoline plus water playground. However, I wanted to experience other cool places so we skipped lunch here and went to Port Carling Instead.

1:30 PM: We took a quick stop at Port Carling for some Lunch at Tulos Taqueria – I love this place! It’s the perfect summer lunch/sunset dinner spot overlooking the water and has a nice chill vibe. I ordered the guac and chips, Margarita and the Buffalo Tempeh Tacos – Everything tasted fresh. They also have a cute store where you can grab a local Muskoka Sweater, they even have the famous Sweet Jesus Ice cream and a really nice furniture shop all in one complex. Tulos can be really packed during lunch and Dinner but not to worry they have a cute little bar called Beauty Bar where they serve chilled beer, cocktails and healthy smoothies. Outside the complex, you’ll see cute little shops/ Airbnb called Antique Shop.

2:45 PM: We then left Port Carling and made our way to JW Marriot Resort.

3:00 PM: Arrived in the Resort and found a spot by the water lounging on some of their famous Muskoka Chairs. After 15 Minutes I jump in the water and enjoyed some quiet time paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is now my new hobby this summer while in Toronto. I always feared that the Toronto water is dirty but I was wrong.

4:30 PM: We rented a boat (Also in the property) For only $25 each for an hour boat tour of lake Rosseau where the resort is located. I really enjoyed this and have learned so much from our captain who told us some of the histories of Muskoka lakes and Cottages. He also gave us the tour of some of the most gorgeous cottages I’ve seen.

5:30 PM: We got hungry after the boat tour and decided to have an early dinner at The Deck. I ordered a greek salad and a Rośe while two of my companion ordered pizza and chicken wings.

6:30 PM: Went back in the water for more paddleboarding and waited for the sunset. It was so beautiful seeing the golden light while in the water.

7:30 PM: We had some smores and chocolate then changed clothes to wait for the fiery sunset to come out.

8:00 PM: We sat quietly by the docks and just watched the water and the sun setting. We put our phone away to enjoy this peaceful moment. It was so perfect.

9:00 PM: We left the Resort and was surprised by more gorgeous colourful night sky on our way back to Toronto.

11:30 PM: Back in Toronto and promised to do more of things like this. It was such a dreamy day.

Port Carling
Tulos Restaurant
Port Carling
JW Marriot Muskoka
Lake Rosseau
Me – Paddle Boarding
Me and Therese
Boat Tour
Most likely flashing everyone unintentionally hahaha
Such a gorgeous Cottage
Watching the sun go down
Dinner at The Deck
Pinky Sunset
Favourite photo on this trip
That colour! – Our drive home view
Muskoka 2019

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