Cambodian High Tea

Cambodian High Tea

I never really like drinking coffee… Tea is probably one of the few things I accustomed with having lived in England. Every time I travel somewhere in the world I always check out hotels and their High Tea. While in Park Hyatt Siem Reap we checked out their High Tea. It was located in the most gorgeous pink seated room inside the hotel. I love the velvet pink couches here.

They have two options, the common High Tea menu (British pastry) and the other one is the kefir menu. Naturally, we picked the traditional Cambodian High Tea to immerse our taste bud into their cuisine.

Having brought up in a Filipino-British culture, their food is a bit similar to ours. It’s very sweet and tasty. I love the little sweet rice balls on the menu. I’ve never been a big meat eater and have spent the most part of my life either vegan or vegetarian since I was a kid. However, when travelling I try not to be picky at all as I always end up just eating carbs for the most time and I don’t like the sluggish feeling I get when I don’t have many options for protein intake. I love veggies but also find it difficult to find fresh ones or a nice wholesome cooked one. The only thing I eat is chicken, seafood and beef. I can never eat pork and hated it growing up. I also can’t eat any other kind of meat for that matter. For the menu, I skipped the pork options and only try the chicken and beef ones and it did not disappoint. I’m so happy that I tried this menu.

I always order the creamiest taste in tea, I love anything red rooibos tea too. It has this similar taste with chocolate. And don’t forget to order some champagne when you’re in a High Tea. It makes everything better and elevates your mood!

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