Brunch in Lavelle with love from the East Coast

Brunch in Lavelle with love from the East Coast


When I started blogging I met Kayla of together with Filipa and other amazing girls from the East Coast. Since then we had been pretty much connected on Instagram. So when she told me she is coming to town! Of course, a brunch is no brainer for a get-together. We all decided to head down the infamous Chez Lavelle. I am actually excited for summer as they’ll have the pool open to anyone who wants to be an exclusive member to use the pool.


At 10am 15 friends showed up. Everyone was so excited to see each other.

As a shutterbug, all I did was take photos of the stunning place and food.

I even forgot to take my own photos, too busy socialising with friends whom I havent seen in awhile.

Even my gorgeous neighbour joined us.

Food arrived after 30 minutes. They all look so good that you’ll end up taking 100 photos of them.

I ordered the benny’s and sugar coated grapefruit! (I truly recommend this when you come for brunch! A must have on every table, on the side note I didn’t like that they don’t have any grapefruit spoon, It end up really messy and the mess got on my shirt) Also, our server has quite an attitude upon attending to us tho… so that didn’t help at all. Thank God the food and ambience were great.

Now let’s take a look at different kinds of Avo toast. I think these are the winners on their menu.

With the side of fries? who can refuse such temptation?

I mean look at that… so heavenly

This is Kayla’s avocado toast version, she pretty much demolished everything for photo purposes. haha so cute!

We end up the brunch with a few mimosas cheering to a friendship who don’t compete against each other but instead supporting each other. Also with a promise of visiting Halifax this summer.


  1. April 27, 2017 / 10:37 am

    Aww it was so much fun to re-live that brunch through reading this post! The food was amazing, but the company was even better 🙂

    Something About That

  2. May 4, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    I love brunches, because they fun and make me feel full till dinner time. I prefer eating 2 times at day instead of 3. This place looks lovely and food looks so delicious! Your company is fabulous too, I wish my besties were close by that I can enjoy my brunches with them while chatting about IG changes haha

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