Birthday in Bisha Hotel #SleepLikeARockstar

Birthday in Bisha Hotel #SleepLikeARockstar

Wow and just like that a month went by fast and I’m back in Toronto after spending  5 weeks in Europe after my birthday in Bisha Hotel. I also have taken this time to take a break away from all the events and self-doubt about my work and personal life. Went back to my childhood home and retrace myself again. Hence, I haven’t posted that much on Instagram and here. This year was not easy on me. It’s probably the hardest and most challenging year yet. I have never been so busy and always putting so much pressure on myself to work hard. I’ve never had so much heartache in my life until this year. I lost and gain new friends. I became stronger and smarter than ever.

This year started off a bit shaky where I questioned myself if Canada is still home for me, I have been waiting for my PR ( permanent residency) for a while and I wasn’t certain if its approve or not. I hate waiting. the never-ending feeling of the unknown. I honestly don’t know how I survived this – I know it comes off very arrogant while the rest of the world is dying and hungry. but I have been mocked on for not having the right documents where you feel so limited in everything you do, it was an absolute burden for me. I also lost so many amazing opportunities for the last 2 years since I started blogging because of this situation. I cried behind closed doors and kept it to myself for a while where I was afraid to share it to anyone because I was afraid I can’t trust them and maybe they’ll turn their back on me because of this negativity I have in me. It also didn’t make it easy that this industry is somehow beautiful but it’s rare to find people whose real and genuinely like you for who are and not for what you do. I guess in any industry you encounter this but blogging industry and the girls around it are so vicious and mean. I honestly think that you need a thick skin to survive this industry. I’m not saying that everyone is mean but there are some who will be your greatest friend and will be loyal to you. I also met my good friends thru this industry where we support each other and not bring each other down. I just hope this mean girl will soon realize that they are not above of the others that all of us are just human. Why can’t we all be friends or at least be kind to one another? I just learned to move past them and focus on more important things around me.

Around April, I finally got my PR but I wasn’t allowed to leave the country hence me having to stay put and wait for a couple of months. I know it wasn’t that obvious since you’ll see on my Instagram that I have been pretty much everywhere, but you see there are things you don’t know that goes behind the scene. The pain, love, passion and the hard work you put into your craft. No one online would talk about their journey. They only show you what you want to see. The good things, because sharing the bad side might push people away. I beg to differ, I think people need to know every step you make on how you got to where you are now. That’s what makes you relatable. Despite all the challenges you always come out as a winner.

Around June, I was finally able to go back on the road and worked with some of the dream brands to work with. After returning to Canada I wasn’t allowed to leave again for 3 months as I have to wait for my PR card. So I patiently waited and declined so many good offers because I can’t go. I took this time and finally registered my business. applied for my first credit card American Express Platinum which I’ll be discussing on my next blog post. In this short period of time, I saw myself transformed to a stronger and wiser woman than I’ve ever been.

Around August, I got into a car accident – another faith trying to put me down. This is also the time I found out who my real friends are and not just for the gram. This time my heart is broken as I spent so much time getting to know these people and turns out they were faking it on me. I learned to surround myself with people who inspire me to be a better person and not to people who don’ respect me and see me the way I see them.

All in all, I just wanted to be completely honest about this industry and my personal battle and achievement.

I can’ believe the year is already ending. I also had the most insane Ber months applying for visas to Travel to Europe. This post is not supposed to be a reflection post but it turned out to be one. I think by next year I wanted to be more open to you guys about everything that goes around. I can’t wait to actually start doing videos and youtube. Yes I know I keep saying this but I’m still learning to edit.

Anyway, going back to October 29 in Bisha Hotel, I had the opportunity to stay at the BISHA SUITE which was by far the most amazing space I’ve seen in Toronto. Where I had two floors suite with a full kitchen and balcony with the view of the CN Tower. They also had a bottle of Veuve waiting for me. I love Veuve! This was followed by a dinner and drinks with friends in Kost above Bisha Hotel. The next day we had breakfast here as well. I honestly can’t wait to be back! scroll thru the photos so we can relive this day.

Sunrise at the suite

Balcony views

Feeling like a total boss babe

Half of the crew

Breakfast at Kost.

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