Best of Summer Outfits: Palm Springs – Revolve Festival/Coachella

Best of Summer Outfits: Palm Springs – Revolve Festival/Coachella

Waah, I can’t even begin my excitement about this place – Palm Springs is so beautiful. This trip was so unplanned because I wasn’t even sure If I was able to get a visa to visit the states. But earlier this year I was granted a business visa for the US. We only made the effort to go when Revolve sent out an invite for their Revolve Festival so I thought why not go and try going for Coachella as well. I have never been so pretty much a lot of first times this year.

We stayed at the beautiful Korakia Pensione for this trip. I love this place – it’s so magical. We spent our last day here just enjoying the property and the amenities it offers. We were able to do bike rides around the downtown area plus an amazing outdoor movie together with popcorn at night ( this was my favourite part of the hotel).

Revolve festival was amazing and so is Coachella, there was a lot of walking involve and probably best to go on a group. But couples will survive too as we did! haha ? but seriously I can’t wait to go back next year. I vlogged the whole experience HERE.

My outfits were not as planned as I hoped for. Everything was so last minute as I booked everything last minute. Most of my outfits are from Revolve. I had a few Zara pieces but I tried to find something similar.

Hope you enjoy this post as much I did! here is my favourite: Best of Summer Outfits: Palm Springs Edition

I can’t find the top but I found something similar in terms of the print. The Shorts are from One Teaspoon but they’re no longer available anywhere last I saw this pair was in Simons in Square One Mississauga. I love this brand for shorts because it’s so flattering and does not make my tummy look big. it makes it look so flat and really gorgeous fit.
So the White cover-up is from Zara plus the Shoes. I’ve linked down below the bag and other pieces of the look.
First Coachella Night
Strolling around Downtown Palm Springs
First Revolve Festival
2nd Day
Gorgeous Home away from Home in Korakia Pensione
Date Night
Gorgeous Sunset Pool Time
Last Day in Coachella
The skirt was customed made as the Dior Ribbon is from the ribbon that came when I bought the bag in Paris 🙂

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