Best of Summer Outfits: Los Angeles, California

Best of Summer Outfits: Los Angeles, California

I kinda Started my Summer really early this year.

LA has always been a dream place of mine to visit and maybe someday live in. I really love everything about this place from the weather, palm trees, gorgeous light, food and lifestyle plus the beaches! Ah, I could go on forever.

LA was the first place I visited in the US ever, we had a 5 hours stopover here earlier this year when we went to Tahiti, however it was raining so we didn’t really get to do much. But since it was my first time my partner decided to rent a car so he can drive me to Rodeo Drive just because this place holds so special in my heart. We even tried In and Out burger. The moment I was given my US visa this year, it was beyond what I applied for! It’s crazy how opportunities work. I cried like a baby because if you ask me 5 years ago about my chances of visiting the US I would have told you it’s impossible and doesn’t think it will ever happen. It was that dream that seems to be so impossible to achieve. But here I am living my dream. We constantly strive for more but sometimes forget how much we have made it in life. I sometimes catch myself comparing myself to others online but I shouldn’t because everyone has a different pathway they have to take.

Anyway enough of the drama, so when we went to Revolve Festival earlier this year we decided to do 1 day in LA just to have a feel of it. I vlogged my first-time experience HERE. For this trip, we pretty much just explored the usual girly suspect which are the Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and Melrose Ave.

I can’t wait to go back and stay for 1 week and see other places like Malibu!

Wearing this Number From Majorelle of Revolve, Hermes Sandals &
Poppy Peonies
That Famous Pink Wall
Gorgeous Sunset at Venice Beach
Feeling like A rodeo Drive DIVA lol

The Blazer & Shoes are both from Zara and I can’t find them anymore. I linked something similar below 🙂

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