A Love affair with Rome

A Love affair with Rome

ROME, Where do I even begin?…

This trip was totally unplanned. It wasn’t part of our Euro schedule. I have never been to Rome but it was a nice experience to come and see this bucket list place of mine and well to practice my Italian. We took a flight from London to Rome before going back to Paris.

The moment we step out of the plane I felt like I was home. We stayed at Hotel Eden during our stay. We were in Rome for 4 nights For this trip, we took the local subway to get around and walked so much. We did because of the parking situation around Rome. We wanted to be fast and mobile. We pretty much visited all the tourist spot that you need to see when in Rome. I cried a little every time we go to a famous tourist spot. It’s crazy to think that thousands of years ago there were people before us and the structure they built stood still.

Our stay in Hotel Eden was spectacular. They have two restaurants which one of them is a Michelin Star, we did opt-out for the one with the rooftop and wrap around balcony overlooking the Eden City. I loved the atmosphere here and the services are amazing. Most of the people at the restaurant are Italians and not much of tourist which made it the perfect place for our 2nd-night Dinner.

Our first day we arrived late, so we tried looking at my friend’s suggestions on places for dinner but most of them are far. We did end up near the Coliseum and stumbled upon Nerone which looks like a hole in a wall type of restaurant. This restaurant is amazing and probably has the best Buffalo Mozarella Pizza I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not kidding when I say this, -this place was so good we went back 3 nights straight here. You might need a reservation as it turns out this place is popular. They also have a water fountain inside which has been there since the beginning of time (I don’t know exactly but it’s old lol ). The water tastes so fresh and good. Did I say the wine is only €5 for a pitcher? and it’s probably one of the great dinner wine I’ve had. I wasn’t impressed with their desserts, but the pizza is heavenly. If you’re going here you need to try the Buffalo Margherita Pizza and Cacio e Pepe. I also love the spaghetti and olive oil and garlic one. The simplest is better. I can’t describe the pizza but I tried other restaurants but this was the best for me.

As for coffee, you need to go where people don’t speak English at all! the more authentic the better. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about Italy’s coffee supply. It’s so good that it almost tastes like chocolate.

As for the gelato, I loved getting mine near the Trevi fountain while staring at the magnificent beauty. I love going here real early before the sea of tourist comes and tries to get a photo of it. We went here twice during our visit then we headed towards the Spanish steps.

I didn’t bother going inside the coliseum because of the lineup. We happily just looked at it from the outside. We also visited the Vatican City which was gorgeous. We basically did all the most touristy thing you could do.

There’s something about Italy just makes you want to stay longer. I can’t wait to go back next year ( Next Summer 2020) and spend a month getting lost around Italy and hopefully by then master my Italian.

Here are some of the highlights my from Trip.

Over looking at the Piazza del Popolo
Pizza by the Coliseum
Somewhere around the Coliseum
Piazza Venezia
A love Affair with my Pizza
Nerone Restaurant
Trevi Fountain
Piazza Navona
Outside our Hotel
Hotel Eden
Cacio e Pepe
Vatican City
Buffalo Mozarella Margherita Pizza
Piazza De La Rotonda
Breakfast by the Pantheon

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