2 weeks in Paris

2 weeks in Paris

Paris has always been a dream of mine to visit but never had the privilege to go because of my paperwork for my residency in Canada which took about 5 years in the making. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere where my passport can’t take me! I couldn’t apply either while waiting for it. So last year I got my residency in June which allowed me to finally travel to places I wasn’t allowed to go. After my car accident last year I felt a bit lost and wanted to revisit Europe to see the places I’ve always wanted to go and visit my best friend who just made her comeback to Paris official and for good.

I went in November for 2 weeks and spent a week doing absolutely nothing and just to hang out with her and enjoy sometime together. (okay I did about 3 days worth of editing/emailing./BTS work for my business). We also watched a few movies in the Cinema which one of them is Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald which was set in Paris. It was totally cool to see this while I was in Paris. I also visited some of the tourist places and clearly didn’t think about much on shooting content. Unfortunately, I wanted to start vlogging when I was in Europe but I lost my camera while in London. I can’t believe I lost this on my first stop! LOL

I love shopping here! this is where I got my first Dior sneakers and J’ADIOR bag. I also got those Oran sandals from Hermes which was over priced back home. I can’t wait to be back and spoil myself with some Chanel purchase.

Here are some of the Highlights from my Trip:

Eiffel tower is literally a minute walk from Gwen’s apartment ( my best friend) so we’re always here everyday hahaha


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