2 Days in Cebu, Philippines

2 Days in Cebu, Philippines

We only Had less than 2 weeks to spend in the Philippines, we were already left behind due to the unforeseen delay from our flight from Toronto, after 5 days in Siargao, we spent the weekend in Cebu, hoping to see Kawasan falls and Oslob before flying to Palawan. I was very fortunate to have a few friends in the City. Gazini helped us in so many ways. She picked us up from the airport, I even made her come earlier than our initial flight as I have given her the wrong time – I said 12 am instead of 12 pm. Luckily she forgave me. She also welcomed us to her home and drove us around Cebu. This pretty much shows how Filipinos do hospitality. She took care of us and because of this, we were able to do what we came to do. I have been to Cebu City many times in the past ( before blogging) But I haven’t been to the outskirt of the city. This is my first time exploring other parts of Cebu. Gazini together with Sven ( another friend of mine ) accompanied us to Kawasan & Oslob.

Cebu is probably one of the biggest city in the Philippines. I honestly prefer visiting Cebu than Manila. My mother is from Ormoc (a boat ride away from Cebu) which share the same dialect as Cebuanos (Bisaya). However, I notice how traffic it gets when coming into Cebu city. I also had a hard time as I was strict vegetarian when we were travelling, I had to adjust my diet to pescatarian lately as per advice from my trainer at the gym. At the time we visited, I had to eat chicken as there was not much of an option here. Most of the food is grill meat or fruits – mangoes here are probably the best mango in the whole wide world. We didn’t have to worry about the journey of coming from the airport going to Kawasan falls and Oslob because of our friends, but I was told you have to take a private van from the airport to bring you to Moalboal and get a hotel there, I find this area of Cebu is still in process of starting to be open to tourist. It’s not very easy to access unless you really planned it ahead of time. We did a whole day trip to Kawasan & Oslob since we were only in Cebu for 2 days. We left Cebu City around 5 am and arrived in Oslob around 9 am, we were told to go here first as the viewing closes early. I was surprised and excited about the experience, however, it did not feel natural at all as the fishermen controls the whale sharks by feeding them. We also got the local rate which is 500php with the help of Gazini translating for us. I understand Bisaya from my mum but could barely speak it and I speaks fluent Tagalog, so that helped me get better deals while travelling in the Philippines. They charge double price if you’re a foreigner so just watch out for this because it happens a lot, it’s not really of a big deal as it’s only gonna cost you a few dollars more. But money counts.

When we arrived in Oslob for the whale shark watching, we were only given 30 minutes in the water. Therese and I were new to this so we didn’t know what to expect. We also did not have anyone with us to take photos, the Whale sharks only pass by and it gets busy because of the people around. There are many times that the whale sharks accidentally touched us – you are not allowed to touch them or ride them. After this experience we headed to Kawasan falls which were about 45 minutes drive from Oslob, We spent lunch there and the whole afternoon.

I loved Kawasan falls, I wish they have more options tho when it comes to food selections. the water is so clear and so clean. Some people have done the canyoneering which includes hiking and jumping, it’s perfect if you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to get out of your comfort zone. We didn’t have enough time to do this thru a tour, so we just pretty much hiked on our own. It took us about 30 minutes walk till we reached the last falls. There was about a few falls and not just the main one. My favourite part was the last one as we get to jump ( unlimited for only 10php) using a rope to the falls. At first, I was really scared as I the last I did this was when I was a kid and my brother practically pushed me which end up hurting me, a very traumatizing experience. But then I get to enjoy it so much that I jumped 20 times. After this, we headed back to the City and met few more of my friends.

Unfortunately, our trip has come to an end and we had to go to Palawan. I wished we stayed longer more. There was so much more to experience and explore in Cebu. But I am hoping to go back sooner than soon.



  1. jane
    May 16, 2018 / 2:27 am

    I will be in Cebu on June and im excited just seeing this pictures.
    Great adventure

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  2. May 18, 2018 / 10:28 am

    OMG!!!! Cebu looks heavenly! I really have to visit it after seeing your photos! How was it to swim with the whale sharks? Wasn’t it scary? I’d feel a little anxious about it lol. And yeah, I really hate it when they try to charge foreigners extra. It happened to me too in Istanbul. Have a lovely Friday. xx


  3. May 22, 2018 / 1:24 am

    Swimming with the whale sharks must have been incredible! I would love to do that sometime. I know you can off the coast here, but the spot is so far away and so remote that I have never done it. This would be more fun!
    xx Jenelle

  4. June 5, 2018 / 11:20 am

    Such stunning shots here, I haven’t been to The Philippines before however Cebu sure looks like a stunning place to visit someday! Thanks ever so much for sharing these.
    Laura xo

  5. Micc
    July 20, 2018 / 4:41 am

    Super love the picssss!

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